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Cottage information

Cottage,Bungalow "Sansui Annex" User Guide

  • 【please confirm! 】
    *Please come to Main building Villa Sansui check-in.Please come by 16:00 as much as possible.We will inform you of the keyless door PIN at check-in.


  • ●About 15 people are eye-stabilizing staff.(If you exceed the number of people, please contact us.)
    ●Toilet,1 bathroom, kitchen,Terrace, 3 rooms (tatami mats & dirt floor),Flooring 2 rooms) 

    Bath towel,Towel,Toothbrush,Shampoo,Hair conditioner,Body soap,Hair dryer,Paper plate,paper cup,Freezer refrigerator,IH stove
    ★【Shared space】Microwave,Washing machine

【During ~】Cottage

  • ●About 10 people are eye-stabilizing staff.(If you exceed the number of people, please contact us.)
    ●1 toilet, 1 bathroom, kitchen,Terrace, 2 rooms(Flooring)

    Bath towel,Towel,Toothbrush,Shampoo,Hair conditioner,Body soap,Hair dryer,Paper plate,paper cup,Refrigerator to cool drinks,IH stove,
    ★【Shared space】Microwave,Washing machine.


  • ●It will be the 5th stable member (please contact us if you exceed the number of people.)
    1 private shower room, 1 toilet, washroom in front of the bungalow

    Bath towel,Towel,Toothbrush,Shampoo,Hair conditioner,Body soap,Hair dryer,Paper plate,paper cup,Refrigerator to cool drinks,
    ★【Shared space】Microwave,Washing machine.

mini house(Air-conditioned house of about 10㎡ / with wooden deck)

  • ●Corresponding to rainy weather
    ●It is a hut for day trips that can be used by about 10 people. 10㎡ + rewood deck
    ●Flooring,Outdoor washing place,BBQ stove,Air condition

    5% off the price linked below when using from the hotel!

BBQ site

shower room【Flowers / grass】

About the price

  • ●The price per person is the same regardless of age(There is no charge for children and preschoolers)
    ●350 yen discount per person if you don't need a simple breakfast set
    ●Preschoolers without futons 2200 yen (Regular fee for 2 people, please use up to 1 person.)
    ●Small dog 2200 yen Medium dog 3300 yen is required separately * Please note in the terms of use for customers with pets
    ●One-day accompanying guests will be charged 2200 yen (+ site usage fee) per person.
    ●Parking is free for up to 1 small bungalow, 2 medium Cottage and 3 large Cottage.(Free for 24 hours after parking) Number of cars, 1200 yen per car if time is exceeded
    ●Please refer to the option charges below.

Customers using the option to bring ingredients from the hotel

  • Bring the ingredients and equipment to the terrace (or designated place).
    As it is raw, please enjoy it on the terrace (or designated place) next to the Cottage by 19:00.
    Sorry for your trouble, but after serving, please put the product in Styrofoam.

    ●BBQ set(1 person)
    (Average) 4620 yen【Shiga Beef 200g,Pig 60g,Seasoned 100g,squid,sausage,Local vegetables,rice ball,Dessert】
    (Top) 6050 yen【Shiga beef sirloin 250g,Pig 60g,Seasoned 100g,squid,sausage,Local vegetables,rice ball,Dessert】
    ●Domestic pork shabu-shabu set (1 person) 3300 yen【Domestic pork loin,Roses 110g each (220g in total) Local vegetables,tofu,Omi Rice cooked with Omi rice,Gomadare,Ponzu sauce,Instant noodle】
    ●Shiga beef shabu-shabu -shabu set (1 person) 4620 yen【Shiga Beef 250g,Local vegetables,tofu,Omi Rice cooked with Omi rice,Ponzu sauce,Instant noodle】

When customers bring their own food

  • It is use at designated barbecue site.
    Usage fee 330 yen per person(3 years old or older)
    ★Included in barbecue site fee★
    ●Dedicated location,Stove with net,Chair,table,Wood-burning stove(winter)
    ●Although the roof is attached, I can not do reliable correspondence at the time of rainy weather.
    (The size of the Corrugated plate roof is 3.2m x 3.5m)
    ●There is a simple lighting.Please use quietly after 21:00.
    ☆Please keep the charcoal after use in the designated stove. You can use it here. (The same applies to the charcoal you bring in.)
    ☆If you bring your own stove or cassette stove, please let us know in advance. We will show you the place of use.

    About trash brought in
    Please bring home the trash that the customer brought in. (Other than breakfast and BBQ rental garbage prepared at this facility)
    ★We can not receive plastic bottle, bottle as waste according to city regulations. (Steel cans and aluminum cans can be collected for free)
    ★Combustible waste when disposing at this facility (all combustible waste including plastic trays such as meat) Takashima City designated commercial waste bag (40L) 330 yen per sheet

    ★★Cooking with plenty of oil such as grilled meat and fried food in the CottageFor the following customers, please observe the following prohibitions to avoid fires and accidents.

    ★★Prohibited matter(About hot pot dishes in winter)
    *Use of two or more cassette stoves
    →Please change to use on the terrace.
    *Indoor hot pot cooking with about 8 or more large Cottage Cottage, and hot pot cooking in small Cottage
    →Please change it to use on the terrace as you are concerned about the lack of ventilation. (You can use it if you have enough ventilation by yourself.)

When renting BBQ equipment(From check-in to check-out)

  • Rental set
    【BBQ empty-handed set】1650 yen(~ 7 people)
    (2 types of plates, paper cups, split chopsticks, charcoal (3 kg) tongs, net, fan, ignition agent, lighter)
    ★Dedicated site usage fee Separately 330 yen per person

    【Hot pot empty-handed set】2200 yen(Up to 5 people)
    (2 types of plates, paper cups, split chopsticks, ladles, pots)
    ★220 yen per person for 6 people or more

    One net 550 yen Iron plate 550 yen Rice cooker 540 ml-900 ml 550 yen 1 sho 880 yen Charcoal 3 kg 880 yen
    Firewood (waste material) 550 yen Cassette stove 550 yen One cylinder 330 yen One tongs 110 yen
    Propane gas 1100 yen Earthenware pot (for pot) 550 yen Stove,IH pot 550 yen
    BBQ stove 1100 yen Dutch oven & propane gas 3850 yen for up to 6 hours

Chartered Sansui Annex Cottage Usage Guide (Consent Form) Customers who agree to the following can use it.

  • ●Check-in time, PM 14:00 (Weekday rate day PM 12:00)
    Please check in before 16:00 on weekdays, 1 day before holidays, and 18:00 on top. The check-in location is the main building Minshuku Villa Sansui. If the check-in time is delayed, please contact us in advance.
    ●Check out time, AM 10:00
    The manager will ask you at check out time. If you are leaving early, please contact us in advance.
    ●About Cottage management during stay
    Please be sure to lock when you go out. You are responsible for Cottage management during your stay. Please handle any accident, trouble, theft or trouble in the parking lot at your own risk. This facility is not responsible.
    ●Breakfast, AM 7:30 to 8:00
    We will deliver to the entrance.
    paper cup,Paper plate,Electric kettle,Hair dryer,Small refrigerator for drinks,Bath towel,Towel,Shampoo,Hair conditioner,Body soap(Microwave oven, washing machine, home refrigerator / freezer in common space)
    ●If you are traveling with someone other than staying
    Please be sure to contact me. Facility usage fee 2200 yen per person.For security reasons, this facility is strictly prohibited from visitors except customers.
    ●About the handling of cigarette, fire
    All premises are non-smoking. Please refrain from fireworks. (Only hand-held fireworks along the Lakeshore until 9:00 PM)
    Please contact us in advance if you are using a heat source you bring in (BBQ stove, cassette stove, smoker, etc.). We will show you the designated place.
    ●About garbage
    Please take all the garbage you bring with you.【Excludes small amounts of trash that can fit in the trash can in the room, breakfast provided by the hotel, options, and items purchased by the hotel.】★If you dispose of it at this facility, you will be charged "Combustible waste 60L, 330 yen per sheet for business use" ★ PET bottles and bottles cannot be received due to city regulations.★Cans can be collected free of charge only if they are drained and separated.
    ●About parking lot
    It is free 24 hours after parking. (Moon, 1 sun) (2 mountains, 2 lakes) (3 stars) 1100 yen per car (when parking after check-out, move from the parking space in front of the Cottage to another parking space please.
    【Customers of consecutive nights】
    We will change the linen items from 10 o'clock to 12 o'clock and collect the waste. Please contact us if you do not wish the staff to enter your room.
    【About optional meals offered by the hotel】
    We will bring you the ingredients with the ice pack and other equipment.Please prepare your own drinks.Please enjoy by yourself.Sorry to trouble you, but please put the container after eating in the attached garbage bag and cover it (be sure to cover it because crows will come) and leave it on the terrace. ..We will collect it the next day.
    Please do not leave without heating for a long time because it is raw. Please enjoy at your own risk
    ●When customers bring their own food
    We will guide you to the barbecue site designated by the hotel.Please use quietly after 20:00.A site usage fee of 330 yen per person (3 years old and over) will be charged.(Chair, table, stove for charcoal, net, wood stove, illuminated) Please understand that we can not provide sufficient support even in the rain.
    *We do not allow indoor cooking with odor, cooking with oil, cooking with fire.*
    ●Other things to note
    If you are overly noisy or if you receive a large number of complaints from other guests during your stay, we will return at our discretion.No refunds will be given.
    It is available only to customers who have agreed to the above.Emergency contact "Emergency phone number provided at each facility" or 0740-20-5051

【Sansui Annex】For customers who stay with Pet(Consent form)

  • Dogs that can stay with you  
    ★Up to 2 pets who can move with the lead on the premises other than the guest room, and can spend time together with the barbecue site with the lead attached
    ★Pet-chan who was able to discipline pee and poop and is not overly noisy
    ●About how to spend in the room
    Please spend time together in your room.
    Dogs can not be used on bedding at this facility. The bathroom and the kitchen can not use pets.
    Basically, you cannot have an answering machine only for dogs.If you are going out please go out together.
    ●About how to spend in the site (outdoor)
    Please install leads in the site. Please use the dock run of this facility freely.
    ★Chinai River run across the Chinai River (3 minutes on foot). (A fee)
    Contact Us Chiuchihama Chinaihama Sunny Beach 0740-27-0325
    http://chinaihama.com/ ← opposite is the pet "Welcome Chinaihama Sunny Beach"
    ●Pet excrement(Poop)
    Please be sure to handle the poop on the premises by yourself. ..
    If you poop or pee in your house (room), please be sure to report the location to the inn.Pee cleaning in the room → 11000 yen (This is to thoroughly clean the dog so as not to invite the dog to stay next time.) If you bring a toilet / tray, lay a newspaper around it and be careful not to get it dirty.
    ●Please do not let it waste
    This facility is also used by many customers other than those accompanied by pets.Please do not annoy the neighbors and other customers.
    ●If your pet gets sick
    "I've broken things," "I've got dirty," "I've scratched," "Eating on the floor, I've got a plunge," "I've caused troubles with people and other pets." Other problems caused by dogs are the owner's responsibility. Please solve all troubles with the other party by yourself.
    We will reimburse for any chance of damage etc. at the actual cost.
    ★1 futon laundry → 5500 yen★Pee cleaning in the room → 11000 yen★Damaged item → actual cost
    Please make sure to notify us before checkout, as the charges after the customer return are doubled as above. In addition, please solve all trouble with the other party by the customer.

    ※Please bring
    Gauges, dishes, meals, snacks, bedding, toilet sheets, brushes, play equipment leads, rain gear, foot cleaning, etc.

    Small dog 2200 yen (up to about 8 kg) ×
    Medium-sized dog 3300 yen (9 kg or more) ×

Check-in outCheck In 
14:00 (day before holidays) 12:00 (weekdays) Last check-in by 17:00
Check Out
10 o'clock the next day
Standard room facilitiesSome rooms Bath toilet / All rooms shower / All rooms Air-conditioning / TV / Empty refrigerator
Internet relatedAll rooms compatible
[Connection method]Wireless LAN
[PC rental]No
[Internet connection]Free
AmenitiesHand towel / toothbrush·Toothpaste / bath towel / shampoo / rinse / body soap / hair dryer / shower toilet
Service & Leisure (Including arrangements)BBQ site(A fee) /Canoe(A fee) /Rental cycle(A fee) /Gymnasium / Grand / Tennis / Pet OK(A fee) /Bring in cage
Staff service hoursCheck-in ~ 18:00
Check-in placeMain building Sansui Annex