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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Nearby, supermarket, convenience store, etc.

    ★Convenience store open 24 hours a day(FamilyMart)
    ★Convenience store open 24 hours a day (SEVEN-ELEVEN)
    ★Large supermarket about 10 minutesContinue reading
  • About garbage

    Please take your trash with you.
    If you can separate cans, they will be processed at this facility.

    ★The breakfast container and the BBQ Continue reading
  • About cooking indoors

    Authentic cooking in the room, barbecue, teppanyaki and other oily dishes are prohibited. In addition, if you bring a cassette stove or hot Continue reading
  • Cottage facilities, Other

    TV, air conditioner, kettle, small refrigerator (large cottage is a refrigerator), IH stove, hair dryer, bath towel, towel, toothbrush, futoContinue reading
  • How to spend with pet

    You can spend it together in the Cottage.
    Small dog, medium dog, up to 2
    Please install leads in the site.
  • About the use of fire such as fireworks

    Because there are many wooden Cottage and trees within our facility, it is "non smoking". "Fireworks" can be enjoyed only at hand-held firewContinue reading
  • About tobacco

    Sorry for the inconvenience, but please refrain from smoking cigarettes in the facility and on the premises (including outdoors) for fire prContinue reading
  • About the BBQ site that the customer brings in

    Bringing Ingredients BBQ site is 300 yen per person.
    Stove, With net

    There are tables and chairs on each Cottage terrace so please use theContinue reading
  • About free parking

    Parking lot is prepared before each Cottage.
    After parking, it is free for 24 hours. (Apart from check in to check out time it will be a diContinue reading
  • Chinaihama Sunny Beach entrance to Chinaihama Sunny Beach

    Please choose the front door sign (picture) of the hotel as the entrance to the Sunny Beach special selection of the Pure Water Bath.
  • Check-in place

    Check-in location is about 300M destination of the main building on the right hand side of Lake Biwa from Cottage Villa Sansui

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