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Access to the hotel

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Hotel Name

Guest house (main building) Villa Sansui (300m north on the same road) Private cottage Sansui Annex(Red mark)


761-1 Nishihama, Makino Town, Takashima City, Shiga Prefecture (Villa Sansui)
87 Chinai, Makino Town, Takashima City, Shiga Prefecture(Sansui Annex)

Telephone number



7 minutes walk from JR Makino station. About 1 hour via bypass from the Kyoto Higashi IC by car. Approximately 25 minutes by car from Kinomoto IC (Villa Sansui)
JR Makino station is a 12-minute walk from JR Makino station. About 1 hour via bypass from the Kyoto Higashi IC by car. About 25 minutes by car from Kinomoto IC(Cottage Hanare Sansui)
  • When using a car

    Access method 1: Kyoto

    Parking:Present(Free for up to 7 people, 1200 yen per unit thereafter)
  • If you come by car

    About 1 hour via Kosei Bypass from Kyoto Higashi IC and Otsu IC
    About 30 minutes from Hokuriku Expressway Kinomoto IC on Hokuriku Expressway Kinomoto IC to National Route 161 / From Tsuruga IC on National Route 303 to 161
  • If you come by train

    About 300M from JR Makino station toward Lake Biwa(About 5-minute walk)
    New high speed without transfer from Himeji, Osaka, Kyoto → Makino Station
  • Those who come by foot or bicycle

    Makino Sunny Beach(Takagihama Beach)In front of the lake terrace
  • Recommended spots in the suburbs

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    There are many tourist attractions based on this hotel. There are many spots that cannot be posted here!

    ·【Makino Sunny Beach】(Before the hotel)
    Excellent water bath selection! Important cultural landscape designation

    ·【Makino Highland】(10 minutes by car)
    Hot spring and snow play

    ·【Hakodateyama Ski Resort】(10 minutes by car)
    Overlooking Lake Biwa. We can enjoy spring summer autumn winter

    ·【Takara Farm】(30 minutes by ship)
    Kansai region, it's good to stop by the nature-filled Kutsuki and return home.

    ·【Lake Biwa Kodomo-no-Kuni】(20 minutes by car)
    When it's raining here

    ·【Shiga Ryuo Outlet Park】(1 hour 15 minutes by car)

    ·【Okubiwako Parkway 】(30 minutes by car)

    ·【Makino Pic Land】(7 minutes by car)
    Fruit hunting and marvelous Metasequoia Avenue

    ·【Kaizu Osaki】(3 minutes by car)
    Famous for 7km of cherry blossom trees

    ·【Kunizakai Kougen Snow Park】(12 minutes by car)
    Snow quality is perfect

    ·【Chikubu Island】(20 minutes by ship)
    A National Treasure Temple with an Island View from the Hotel

    ·【Shin-asahi Harie Shozu no Sato】(15 minutes by car)
    You should feel that Lake Biwa wonderful!

    ·【Hieizan Enryakuji Temple】(1 hour by car)

    ·【Nagahama Castle·Kurokabe Square】 (1 hour by car)

    ·【Shirahige Shrine】(30 minutes by car)