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Cottage Plan

  • Standard Plan (Simple breakfast delivery included)

    2 homemade breads, boiled egg, juice, yogurt, tea bite
    (Delivery will be around 7:30. In rare cases, it may be a Japanese lunch box)
    ★5 minutes on foot, check in at Minshuku Main building Villa Sansui
  • 【small】Bungalow (Moon, Taiyo)

    The last bed for 6 people

    Basic rate 16,000 yen (Same amount up to 2 people)
    4,500 yen per additional charge from 3 people

    【Before Holidays】
    Basic rate 21,000 yen (Same amount up to 2 people)
    4,500 yen per additional charge from 3 pContinue reading
  • 【During ~】Cottage (Mountain, lake)

    I can spread for the last 15 people

    Basic rate 31,000 yen (Same amount up to 4 people)
    5,000 yen per additional charge from 5 people

    【Before Holidays】
    Basic rate 41,000 yen (Same amount up to 4 people)
    5,000 yen per additional chargContinue reading
  • 【Big】Cottage (Star)

    The last bed for 20 people can be laid

    Basic rate 46,000 yen (Same amount up to 6 people)
    It is 5,500 yen per one additional charge from seven people

    【Before Holidays】
    Basic rate night 61,000 yen (Same amount up to 6 people)
    It is 5Continue reading
  • 【Please leave me alone! 】BBQ Delivery & Breakfast Delivery plan (All Year)

    Specialty Chicken Ton-chan Shiga Beef&Specialty Chicken Ton-chan barbecue on the terrace

    This is a recommended plan that will come with a barbecue.
    Please enjoy the ingredients and nature of passion.

    It will be served from the guest house (mContinue reading
  • 【Limited Time Only! Great Value Plan】

    (This plan is absolutely recommended if the time and conditions are met!)
  • 【Student Discount Plan】

    (Weekdays from September to June, And the day before the holidays from March to June)
    It is only the deals plan period that applies to all of the students like!
    【It is limited to high school students, college students, specialized students, andContinue reading
  • 【A weekday during the off season, Room Upgrade Plan】

    For details, please contact by Official website reservation or telephone
    (Specific day weekdays such as January, April, May, June, October, November)

    ★Go to the middle Cottage for the price of the small Cottage!
    ★Go to a large Cottage aContinue reading
  • 【All Year】plan use in group, business

    ★【plan for groups at Sansui Annex】
    Depending on the date and number of people, you may be able to rent out the 5 Cottage and the 1400 tsubo site, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

    ●【plan business use】
    For business consecutive nights (exContinue reading
  • About accommodation

    【Before Holidays】Before Holidays, Weekdays from July 21st to August, December 30, January 1, Day 2
    【Top】April 27-May 5, July 4th Saturday, Every Saturday in August, August 10 to 17, December 31

    【If you bring in the food yourself】
    As for the dinContinue reading
  • 【Early summer to autumn】Shiga Beef&Specialty Chicken Ton-chan barbecue

    Sunny Beach, the hotel terrace, or Hanare Sansui.

    Shiga Beef, Takashima specialty Ton-chan, pork, weinna, local vegetables, Onigiri made with Omi Rice, dessert
    *If you can not have a barbecue at Sunny Beach, you will be invited to eat at our fContinue reading
  • If you cancel your reservation

    Please note that you will be charged if you cancel your reservation during the following period.
    It is a rate for the room rate. The above cancellation policy is not applicable only if all transportation to the hotel has been paralyzed due to aContinue reading