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Explanation of facility

  • Explanation of facility

    Guest house(Main Building)Villa Sansui
    JR Makino station the Avenue in front of JR Makino station to the lake. (About 300m) right corner is this facility

    Chartered Sansui Annex
    From the Minshuku Main building Villa Sansui, go to the left on the lake.(Approx. 300 m) Bridge (Chinai River) The front right is this facility
  • ★About Minshuku (Main Building) Villa Sansui★

    Approximately 300 meters from JR Makino station on the Avenue
    Special prize of 100 Clean and Comfortable Beaches hotel is located in front of Makino Sunny Beach (Takagihama Beach), a Special prize of 100 Clean and Comfortable Beaches Makino Sunny Beach (Takagihama Beach).
    The view of the lake seen from the room is designated as a Japanese heritage (important cultural landscape).

    In spring, Ohanami Ship arrives and departs from the front of the hotel.
    In summer, we can experience the lake bathing and canoeing on the beach in front of the hotel.
    In autumn, enjoy the autumn leaves of Metasequoia tree-lined trees of about 4km, and try to pick up chestnuts and hail.
    In winter, you can use the Kunizakai Kogen Ski Resort bus in front of the hotel. 15 minutes by car from Hakodateyama Ski Resort
  • "Equipment outline", 1F, Cafe Restaurant, "Breakfast place for stay"

    Holiday lunch image

    【Recommended menu】
    Limited lunch 1000 yen
    Chemical-free self-cultivated blueberry squash 600 yen
    White strawberry juice 600 yen
    *Spring-summer take-out also available (Soft ice variety 300 yen)
    *There is bicycle stand, air pump*
  • 2F shared space

    Use time from 16:00 to 20:00

    Delivery dinner is available here.
    (plan change of place depending on the plan and the day)
  • 2F, Japanese-style room with a guest house style / private room

    36 Sq.m. Japanese-style room with a large terrace overlooking Sunny Beach.
    The toilet will be in front of the room
    Please do not stay if you do not want to disturb the guests around you.
    (Excluding hotel reservations)

    *There are other 14 square meters private rooms on the second floor. The bathroom is in front of the room.
  • 3F, Rooms (Japanese-style room: With each toilet)

  • 3F, Rooms (Western-style Room: With each toilet)

    A variety of Kohoku of the lake you can enjoy panoramic every season from the veranda.
    (Bedroom and other parts, Landscape of the Makino Highland)
  • 1F, Men and women bathroom

    There are two baths on the first floor. It's not a hot spring, but please relax.
    From 16:00 to 22:30 / morning bath is a reservation system of the day before
    We have prepared for rent in the off season such as weekdays (Please refrain from designation)
  • ★About Cottage and Camp Site Sansui Annex★

    Chinaihama Sunny Beach front of Chinaihama Sunny Beach at Cottage and Camp Site Sansui Annex, there is a "Cottage and Camp Site Sansui Annex".
    The facility has 140 blueberries in 4000 square meters.
    It is a private space full of nature with the Chinai River flowing next to it.
    Enjoy BBQ with our passion at the facilities of one to 20 people per one building.
    Enjoy your meal around the fire with ingredients you bring and bring. In summer you can enjoy a bath in the front of the beach. Is it snow in winter? Is recommended. You can spend it in the Cottage with Wanko.
  • The entrance of the hotel

  • "Equipment outline", Large Cottage (Star)

    Capacity-about 20 people (I can lay 20 sheets of futon)
    18 square meters on the first floor, 18 square meters, 36 square meters on the second floor, Ruth, kitchen, A bathtub, toilet
    Air condition(1F ・ 2F), Outdoor toilet
  • Middle Cottage (Mountain, lake)

    Capacity around 15 people (I can lay 15 sheets of futon)
    First floor 16 square meters, Second floor 18 square meters, terrace, kitchen, A bathtub, toilet
    Air condition (1F ・ 2F)
  • Small bungalow (Moon, Taiyo)

    Capacity ~ 6 people (You can lay 6 sheets of futon)
    10 Square Meter Room, loft, terrace,
    *Room with private shower, washroom and toilet
    Air condition (1F)

Canoe rental at Lake Biwa! Please feel free to use even if you are not staying

paddle, With life vest.
*The butt gets wet because of the beginner's canoe. Please wear OK clothes even if wet.
Please prepare shoes, windbreaker for cold and hat for heat.
*Parents are required to manage their children.

One seater:1 hour 2600 yen Every hour thereafter / 1300 yen
2 seater:1 hour 3500 yen Every hour thereafter / 1600 yen
3 seater:1 hour 4200 yen Every hour thereafter / 1900 yen  

Price per boat(Tax and insurance included)

★Reception is open from 9:30 to around 15:00 when the weather is fine. Please check sales on weekdays★
★It is not a reservation system★
★The departure and arrival place is Villa Sansui Main Building★