【Official】Cottage Hanare Sansui

To customers:The customer service of this facility is taking measures to prevent coronavirus infection with a focus on "non-contact".Thank you for your understanding

★Efforts to prevent coronavirus infection★
【Villa Sansui】  "Chartered Sansui Annex hanare Sansui Annex" 2 common facilities

·At check-in, customers will be asked to verify their identity by presenting their official ID.
·Check-in without contact with customers, provision of rooms with ventilation
·Alcohol disinfectant is placed in the guest room.
·Wearing a mask when contacting customers, contactless, and keeping distance.
·Check the health condition of the guest:Please fill out the form that confirms your health condition at check-in.Temperature measurement for customers who have not measured temperature.
·About the provided tableware:We prepare paper cups and plates for the number of passengers.
·Strengthening regular disinfection:Appropriate alcohol disinfection of areas where customers often touch, such as door knobs, doors, handrails, switches, and lavatory doors.

【Villa Sansui】
·Regarding the bathroom:One person 40 minutes use by charter system.Cleaning that also serves as sterilization before the next customer.
·About provision of meals:We provide non-contact meal service plan and use disposable containers.

You can use the PIN code keyless door to unlock yourself and check in in your room.

Must-see for citizens of the prefecture! Let's travel to Shiga now! The 4th

  • 【Limited to Shiga citizens】6000 yen discount & 5000 yen tour coupon offer per person

    Please enjoy your trip to Shiga at a reasonable price by using "Let's travel to Shiga now 4th".
    plan for those who have purchased / owned a (convenience store ticket).

    Due to the spread of new coronavirus infection in Shiga prefecture, the campaign period will be extended.
    All days until 10/31 are the target days.Please purchase a convenience store ticket first!

    ★Villa Sansui★Sansui Annex★plan target date from July 9th to October 31st
    plan 10,000 yen or more ... 6,000 yen discount + Shiga tour coupon 5000 yen distribution
    plan less than 7,000 yen ... 3000 yen discount

    *Sales of new convenience store tickets are suspended.
    *Customers who have a convenience store ticket and have not yet booked accommodation can use it within the period.

Main building Villa Sansui renovation renewal!

  • Period Starts selling from July 1, 2021!

    ★The room on the 3rd floor has been renewed into a spacious room with a kitchenette and a bathtub, where you can enjoy the view of Lake Biwa, which is designated as a Japanese heritage site!

    Non-contact support has become possible, such as using keyless doors in the rooms.
    It can accommodate up to 8 people in a 31 sqm room.

    Reservation has started! You can stay from July 1st!
    Please feel free to contact us regarding the price of the plan

Must-see for those who are thinking of traveling with 10 or more people!

  • For those who are thinking of traveling as a group

    Subsidize accommodation and bus costs for groups of 10 or more!
    Accommodation fees and bus fees used by groups are eligible for subsidies!

    The amount of subsidy is 500 yen per person per night and 50,000 yen per bus.

    The target period is from April 1, 3rd year of Reiwa to March 31st, 4th year of Reiwa.
    It will end as soon as the budget runs out, so please apply as soon as possible.

    For more information, call 0740-20-5051!

Welcome to the relaxing and relaxing space facing Lake Biwa

  • ★Reservations over the phone are also eligible for the Go To Campaign.Official site reservation lowest price★

    ◇When making a reservation by phone:We will set a discount at this facility and will pay the discounted amount.

    ◇Official reservation on the Official website◇
    Please note:Please be sure to make local payment.If local payment is not possible, please make a reservation by phone and transfer the discounted fee to the specified account.
    STAY NAVI service from the discount coupon issuing page below(External site)
    Go to and continue your stay with the GoTo Travel Campaign accommodation discounts.
    After issuing the coupon, GoTo Travel Can issued at STAY NAVI at the front desk.
    Discounts can be applied by providing the Pane Discount coupon number.

  • Bed and breakfast on the lake, Villa Sansui

    JR Makino station off at JR Makino station and walk about 300m along the Avenue.
    Special prize of 100 Clean and Comfortable Beaches hotel is located in front of Makino Sunny Beach (Takagihama Beach), a Special prize of 100 Clean and Comfortable Beaches Makino Sunny Beach (Takagihama Beach).

    The view of Lake Biwa from the room is a splendid with the seal designated as a Japanese heritage. It is especially recommended for winter sunrise and summer to autumn moonlight nights.
    Cherry blossomes in Kaizu Osaki are proud of location that is very convenient for base Cherry blossomes in Kaizu Osaki and summer lake bathing, metasequoia tree-lined trees and winter skiing.

    Dogs that do not bark up to 3 kg can stay together.(Separate fee, will be spent at the gauge)
  • Cottage rent,Bungalow Sansui Annex

    About 300m while looking at the lake on the left from Villa Sansui,
    The hotel is located in front of Makino Sunny Beach (Chinaihama Beach) along the same road.

    There are wooden cottages built by 5 carpenters in the approximately 4,000 m2 site, BBQ space, dock run, trees such as small blueberry gardens and orchards, and a private space full of nature, with the Chinai River flowing beside.

    Bringing-in ingredients in Wai Wai BBQ and our passion
    Food dishes are also available on the premises.
    Please make a great time with our customers.
    Small dogs, medium dogs can be together in the room(Up to 2 animals separately)

Let's see the mountain water from the sky! 【Drone shooting】


  • top 100 cherry blossom spots Cherry blossomes in Kaizu Osaki to cherry-blossom viewing of Cherry blossomes in Kaizu Osaki trees

    The view of Lake Biwa, which spreads in front of the hotel, is the fifth most important cultural scenic area in the country.
    It has a beautiful landscape with a seal and more than 7 km
    Please enjoy the Cherry blossomes in Kaizu Osaki trees along the Lake Biwa


  • Lake bath & BBQ at Sunny Beach in front of the hotel!

    Sunny Beach is the only beach selected as 100 Clean and Comfortable Beaches freshwater Sunny Beach in the country.
    (Among them, it is a special choice! )
    Gentle freshwater Lake Biwa is very popular with young children!
    Enjoy a barbecue on the beach or a canoe experience for beginners.
    Every year on the first Saturday of August the Makino Summer Carnival comes with fireworks from the front of the hotel.


  • Enjoy autumn with fruit picking at Pic Land and the autumn leaves of Metasequoia Avenue

    Recommendation is autumn leaves of Pic Land Metasequoia Avenue Top 100 avenues Pic Land Metasequoia Avenue.
    Pic Land a fruit picking experience at Pic Land.
    "Cottage& camp" is a camp in Sansui Annex and outdoor rice,
    Biwaichi Cycling lot of fun such as Biwaichi Cycling!


  • Save 15 minutes by ski plan at various ski resorts!

    Enjoy a snow resort on 3 ski areas within a 10-20 minute drive.
    If there is snow, Sunny Beach front of the hotel is a good spot for young children to play.
    Lakeshore a snowshoe experience Lakeshore.
    If you are uncertain about the car, go by train because it is 300M from JR Makino station!
    And, it is not the sunrise "Diamond Fuji" that climbs from Chikubu Island January and January
    "Diamond Chikubu Island" is moving.


Google Map

Hotel Name

Guest house (main building) Villa Sansui (300m north on the same road) Private cottage Sansui Annex(Red mark)


761-1 Nishihama, Makino Town, Takashima City, Shiga Prefecture (Villa Sansui)
87 Chinai, Makino Town, Takashima City, Shiga Prefecture(Sansui Annex)

Telephone number



7 minutes walk from JR Makino station. About 1 hour via bypass from the Kyoto Higashi IC by car. Approximately 25 minutes by car from Kinomoto IC (Villa Sansui)
JR Makino station is a 12-minute walk from JR Makino station. About 1 hour via bypass from the Kyoto Higashi IC by car. About 25 minutes by car from Kinomoto IC(Cottage Hanare Sansui)
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