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Villa Sansui


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Villa Sansui – Lakeside Guesthouse

Our guesthouse is about a 300-meter walk down a tree-lined road from JR Makino Station.
The main building fronts Makino Sunny Beach, also known as Takagihama, a beach chosen as one of the top 100 enjoyable beaches in Japan.
The scenery of the surrounding waterfront is designated as an important cultural landscape.
The fascination of this wonderful environment is what attracted the owners of the guesthouse to settle in this area.
We would like to welcome our guests warmly with the guaranteed beautiful views of Lake Biwa and our carefully prepared simple cuisine.


Sansui Annex – Cottage and Camp Site

If you walk from Villa Sansui on the same road for about 5 minutes with Lake Biwa on your left, you will find the main building’s private facilities. They are located along Chinai River just in front of Makino Sunny Beach, which is known as one of the top 100 enjoyable beaches in Japan.
You can see yana-ryo (a way of catching fish by setting up scaffolding in a river and waiting for the fish trying to swim over it ) as well as enjoy the surrounding scenery that has been designated as an important cultural landscape.
On the grounds, with an area of approximately 4,000m2, you will find a cottage and camping space. Guests who don’t have any camping equipment need not worry. We have everything you need to enjoy a day of camping.
Pets are also warmly welcome.
This private setting is perfect for couples and groups who want to enjoy a leisurely stay surrounded by nature.



View Kaizu Osaki’s rows of cherry blossoms – Chosen as one of the 100 Best Sakura Views

The scenery of Lake Biwa, which expands out in front of the main building, was designated as the 5th most important cultural landscape in the country.
Enjoy Kaizu Osaki’s rows of sakura along Lake Biwa, a guaranteed breathtaking view expanding over 7 kilometers.
Make a unique pleasure boat cruise from the main building to view Lake Biwa’s cherry blossoms of Kaizu Osaki. It’s so chic!



Swim and barbecue on Sunny Beach right in front of Villa Sansui!

Sunny Beach is the only fresh water beach among those chosen as the top 100 enjoyable beaches in Japan!
The calm fresh waters of Lake Biwa make it a very popular destination for families with small children!
Enjoy activities such as barbecuing on the beach and taking canoe lessons for beginners.
Every year on the first Saturday of August, guests can see the fireworks of Makino Sunny Beach Carnival from the front of the building.



Savor fruit picking in Pic-Land and the fall foliage of the metasequoia tree-lined road.

Pic-land’s metasequoia fall foliage along the tree-lined road is a must see and is among the top 100 tree-lined avenues in Japan.
Feel free to try some fruit picking in Pic-Land as well.
There is even more to enjoy, like eating outdoors and camping at “Sansui Annex – Cottage and Camp,” as well as cycling around Lake Biwa.



Great ski package deals for ski resorts about 15 minutes away by car!

There are three ski resorts within a 10-20 minute drive, where you can enjoy the fun of a winter resort.
Kids will have more than enough fun playing on Sunny Beach, in front of the main building, when it is covered in snow.
Try some snowshoeing along the lakeshore while you’re here.
We are located just 300m from JR Makino Station, so the access by train is easy for those without a car.
In addition, during January and February guests are treated to an impressive view of the sunrise over Chikubu Island, known as “Diamond Chikubu Island”, which is comparable to “Diamond Fuji”.

Villa Sansui

761-1 Nishihama, Makino-cho
Takashima, Shiga, Japan 520-1812


300m from JR Makino Station(about a 3min. walk)
Route 1
Approximately 1 hour from Kyoto-Higashi IC or Otsu IC by way of Kosei Bypass.

Approximately 30 minutes from Hokurikudo Kinomoto IC by way of National Route 08 => National Route 303 => National Route 161.

Approximately 30 minutes from Tsuruga IC by way of National Route 08 => National Route 161.